Nance's photography has been published both nationally and internationally in books, publications and annually on a calendar called "By the Shore" (Sellers Publishing). Nance is the author of seven books entitled "Maine in Four Seasons", "Down the Shore", "A Seat on the Shore", "Maine Impressions", "Maine Coast Impressions", "Maine's Casco Bay Islands" and most recently, "The Inspired Garden".

Nance also worked as a contract photojournalist for the national book series "America 24/7". Her work has been featured at the Smithsonian Museum in an exhibit entitled "Ocean Planet" which traveled throughout the USA. Her photos of hot air balloons were incorporated into the exterior building design  of the international arts centre, Campus Kerkrade, located in The Netherlands.

Nance is represented by Aurora Photos, Positive Images, Heritage Graphics International, Tandem Stock, Getty and Chromazone of The Netherlands.